The Anti Poaching Pool

Foto av Nicole Kruger pu00e5

This Stake Pools goal is to redirect 100% of the rewards to wildlife protection and conservation in Africa. To help and fund the grass root organisations and individuals on the field doing the actual work.

Any progress made will be posted here on the blog along with photos and follow ups.

We encourage you to contact us to find out exactly what we are trying to achieve and where we are trying to make a difference. We do not trust large NGO:s where most of the funds are eaten up by the bureaucracy.

We are especially concerned about the Rhinos and other African wildlife on the brink of extinction. We want to contribute to the protection against poachers.

We do also believe in the future of decentralized currencies and the Cardano Network and want to participate in its expansion.

Ticker: PLRS
Pool-ID: fd249c444cacf9951780bc549608b6bc16d557a2d9a5f5f211815f8b
Margin Fee: 1%
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA (minimal fee)
Pledge: 50.000 ADA
Location: SWEDEN